statement on the adoption of Parliament The St. Lego 1.9

Joint statement of the Iraqi National Green Party and the National Civil Movement on the adoption of Parliament The St. Lego system amended by 1.9: On Tuesday morning, 1/8/2017, the Chamber of Deputies voted on an important paragraph in the provincial elections law and the adoption of the amended St. Lego system 1.9, It is clear to the small blocs modern registration and the erosion of their chances to win one of the seats of these councils and keep the fortunes of the large blocs that failed for fourteen years in the management of the country service and political.

The vote of Parliament on Article 21 of the provincial elections law for counting votes and distribution of seats and modify ratios In the electoral system to become (1.9) instead of (1), which was adopted in the previous local elections is the consecration of the dictatorship of blocs and rejection of political pluralism and the lack of space and opportunity for opposition parties in the process of reform and change required in the administration of the country.

Against the will of the Iraqi voter and working on his reluctance to participate in the vote and his desire for change as this amendment comes in the electoral system is different from the will of the movement protest demands that began years ago and to highlight their demands for reform and radical change of the joints of the state sinking corruption and cancel the system We call for the amendment of paragraph 21 of the law and the adoption of the system of St. Lego normal, without which we will demand legal challenge before the Federal Court because this system devotes the rule of the large blocs governing the country and multiply its gains and devotes the system of quotas obnoxious, which led to the collapse of state institutions by the scourge of corruption rampant in All joints.

National Green Party of Iraq

and the National Civil Movement

August 03.08.2017


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August 4, 2017

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